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446 Albert Street


446 Albert Street is an ambitious architectural endeavor poised to transform Waterloo's landscape and promises to redefine urban living. Spanning more than 11 acres, this visionary development proposes 13 apartment towers ranging from 8 to 30 storeys, comprising over 2,800 units. Boasting 97 bedrooms allocated for affordable housing, alongside a commitment to sustainability with more than 1,700 bicycle parking spots, this project aims to address the pressing need for housing while enriching the community.

Greenspaces, a woonerf, and many paths throughout tie the site into the rest of the community while creating an active landscape for residents and commercial tenants. Our vision encompasses revitalizing this expansive site and overcoming unique challenges to create a vibrant, inclusive space for generations to come. 


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


High-Rise Mixed-Use Residential


8-30 Storeys | 2,800+ Units

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