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Projects & Expertise

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Our creative process and attention to detail have earned us a reputation for providing unique and innovative designs that push the boundaries of architecture. Check out our projects and see how we can help your next project.

The ambitious architectural project at 446 Albert Street is set to revolutionize Waterloo's cityscape, offering a new definition of urban living. Our vision focuses on revitalizing the expansive site and surmounting distinctive obstacles to fashion a dynamic, inclusive environment for future generations.

20 University Avenue E

Inspired by the grandeur of Niagara Falls and the radiant sun, the architectural concept for 20 University embodies this theme. The parking garage's podium level will feature perforated screens reminiscent of the rocky base, complemented by white paneling evoking mist and grey accents resembling piercing rocks.

143 Columbia Street

The development at 143 Columbia St. W presents an innovative design focused on pedestrian experience, featuring spacious walkways that beckon visitors into the site. Emphasizing safety, the design strategically separates pedestrian and vehicular traffic to enhance accessibility and create an inviting environment.

881 Weber Street

This concept draws inspiration from the geometric arrangement of crops in agricultural fields, particularly the way this organized pattern creates distinct layers across the landscape, visible prominently from above.

Upcoming Projects

The Hub prioritizes residential density pedestrian-oriented spaces for its residents. This development was established, featuring five buildings encircling the site and a central public promenade adorned with commercial shops.

239 Albert Street

Inspired by eastern philosophy, the project includes a podium level, 2 symmetrical towers and a central rooftop amenity as an interpretation of a 'Bagua Diagram'.

256 Lester Street

256 Lester utilizes interconnected components to create a unified framework. Additionally, the development incorporates a footpath linking adjacent properties and boasts a prominent lobby entrance with commercial space.

77 Leland Street

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the adjacent Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail, the architectural blueprint and outdoor aesthetics of this structure integrate features evocative of locomotive motifs.

131 University Avenue

Located between two universities along a significant regional route, 131 University boasts a network of pathways that seamlessly link pedestrians to the site and its surroundings, fulfilling accessibility for students.

228 Albert Street

The podium sits on the southeast and northwest corners, allowing the tower to rise seamlessly from the southwest, accentuating its verticality. The standout design element is the vibrant façade composed of folded metal panels.

246 Albert Street

Embracing natural daylight and the surrounding landscape, a precast band spans from west to east, facilitating expansive glazed areas and balconies on the southern facade. 

208 Sunview Street

By utilizing different building materials, each side of the structure presents a unique character to the street it fronts.

255 Sunview Street

Residential units with private entrances and patios line Sunview street to the north. The podium's lowered southeast corner creates rooftop amenities and interior spaces, fostering a unique design harmonized with its surroundings.

250 Lester Street

The building's podium adjusts in height to the site's topography, stepping down from six to four storeys, while upper setbacks create rooftop amenity spaces oriented for optimal southern sun exposure.

Completed Projects

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